Ronnie Sanders’ passion for the arts is communicated
through his baton each time he leads an orchestra.  
Patricia Furley, principal harpist with the Corpus Christi
Symphony says Sanders is a very gifted musician.  "I
played three concerts with him. I was most impressed
that he memorized all his music.  As a harpist, this is
how I judge a good conductor."
"The number of people who attended [the
concert] speaks volumes about the artistry,
creativity and vitality of [Ronnie Sanders].  
[His] energy and enthusiasm are simply
infectious"  The Corpus Christi Caller
When Ronnie is conducting, says Danica
Dawn, “somehow he makes you sing with
more intensity and focus.”  Roger Keele
observes that, "Ronnie simply has a
presence when he conducts;
I can't explain it but I've seen it."
“Ronnie Sanders brings something unique to
the podium when he conducts,” says Charles
Hausmann, Professor of music at the
University of Houston, "he not only has
musical talent but he also brings energy and
this leads to enthusiasm in his ensembles.”